Lyfe Changes the Game

In Chicago, a new restaurant is bound to open to compete with the others. What makes this one so different is that it’s healthy.

Lyfe: love your food everyday, is planning on taking what we’ve been told about healthy eating and sell it to us.

While I do think this is a great step in the right direction, I have mixed feelings towards it.

How will this teach anyone about nutrition? It seems like we’ll be in a new boat but still no one has a map. Lyfe will target this who want to eat healthier by offering greater options, but will it educate it’s consumers on the choices.

Portion control. Part of the problem that we have now is not knowing when to say enough. Current fast food restaurants started to adjust what a normal serving size is supposed to look like, now I’m sure most people really haven’t seen a single serving of meat (3 -4 oz). Will the healthy food visually compete with the non healthy foods.

Either way, I applaud what Lyfe is trying to do.  I hope that the chain grows enough to make it here to the East Cost.


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