School Lunches Tied to Childhood Obesity

So once again, another study is released about child obesity and a new link to school lunches. While informative, it’s being talked about like this is a new development.

Let’s be real with ourselves, children are fed crap just to fatten them up. Now people are complaining that the exact reaction that was desired, is now causing harm. Well. Yeah. It would.

Tater tots, chicken nuggets, meatloaf, french fries and other typical lunch room food doesn’t have any real nutritional value to it. It’s just fat and sugar. It has the calories but not enough vitamins. Honestly, it’s just empty calories. Schools buy it because it’s cheap.

To me this is old news. For the parents who have to rely on school lunches, the schools in this regard has let you down. Even if you do feed your children right, how can a healthy tuna salad compare to a pepperoni pizza? Talk about undermining your authority.

If the goal was to make simple nutrition confusing and difficult to understand, than a job well done. Children don’t know about nutrition because adults don’t know about it. Some adults know enough not to feed a 6 month old fast food–maybe, but the rest really don’t have a clue.

When we send our children to school, we expect the schools to take care of them.  If the schools are going to feed our children, then common sense says: no hot dogs, or other junk food that you shouldn’t feed a dog.  How we can educate our kids in the classroom life lessons, and then in the lunch room the lowest bidder wins?

Life’s lessons have to start at home, continue in the classroom, and reinforced whenever necessary.  But we cannot expect more especially when grown adults start to follow something silly as the twinkle  diet.


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  1. Agreed! We should all be eating better, kids, adults, everyone. It’s really unfortunate that eating healthy is so expensive.

    • Hopefully healthy food will be more affordable to everyone in the future, but there is more politics and red tape that surrounds access to healthy food and limiting junk food.

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