No, I Will Not Wean. TYVM!

I have a love and hate relationship with breast feeding. What I don’t like about it most is people who may have good intentions tell you, when it’s time to wean your child.

Enough already! I don’t care if she’s 6 months or 24 months old, teething or whatever, that choice should be left up the mother and the child. The problem these days is that breast-feeding, or nursing, has so many negative reasons for the mother (time consuming) and way too many positive reasons for the baby.

When I traveled with my daughter, a family friend “gently” reminded me that I should be weaning my daughter since she’s getting too old to nurse. Excuse me?! I didn’t ask her of her opinion, and last time I checked my daughter didn’t either.

In this country, we either highly sexualize breasts to the point that its okay to stare down a woman’s cleavage but it’s embarrassing to watch her breast-feed. When did this happen? I can share my breasts with you as long as its sexual, but I cannot put them to good use. Utter rubbish!

In other cases we want to the woman to go back to normal as quickly as possible, that means let the child take care of themselves. When I signed up to being a mother , I expected my life to be changed. I didn’t expect anything to go back to normal.

The way I deal with people, my relationships have all changed. So has my body. My relationship with my children and my family are different than other people’s but this is what works for us. So to those out there who want to give wonderful parental advise about weaning and when I should start: stuff it.

I’m not interested. She’ll wean when she’ll wean. It may be a hassle, but that’s what I signed up for. As for the future, maybe I’ll be breast-feeding two children at once, maybe not. We’ll see when I get to that crossroad.


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