Moms Who Work Have Fat Kids

Last night, I read an article that tries to connect a mother’s employment with childhood obesity, you can read it here.

By putting it mildly, the longer the mother is employed, the higher the chances are for their child to become obese.  To even soften the blow the article says, “It is not the mother’s employment, but the environment.”  Yea…Okay.  In all honestly, that’s a load of crap.

How can it not be the mother’s employment that has a direct correlation to a child becoming over weight.  Let’s take a typical office job.  It’s from 9-5.  Well, if kids are supposed to go to sleep by 8:30pm, then they need to have dinner by 6 the latest.  But guess what? Mom’s still on her way home.  Mom may not get in until 7 and dinner may not be ready until 8:30–if she’s lucky.

So instead of cutting up fresh veggies and making a delicious meal, mom relies on: take out, prepackaged foods and processed foods.  All in the effort to feed the kiddies something before they go to bed.  With all this being said, we can’t even talk about who is helping the kids out with their home work…that’s for another post.

Of course the next set of questions would be, what about dad?  I’m sure dads are doing a great job taking up a lot of responsibility that used to be considered primarily “women’s work,” but it really is the mother who decides what goes in everyone’s mouth.

With that being said, yes, it’s the parents that are buying the junk food, but look at what we all have to do for money.  We spend more time in the office than we do with our families.  With the invention of smart phones, we technically never leave the office.

Instead of trying to make women feel guilty about the choices that they have to make, (or choices that are out of their hands),  we need to be doing more to make those choices better.  We can’t just simply say it’s the environment.  Last time I checked, we made up the environment that we live in.

Instead of making women who either choose or have no choice but to work outside of their homes, we should be making their decisions easier. Instead we make fast junk food dirt cheap, and healthy food too expensive. We undermine the decision powers that parents have by advertising directly to children. When things can’t get worse, we then say to the parents, “Ha! You’re doing a piss poor job! You’re kids won’t outlive you.”

We can’t change the “environment” without changing society first, and that means big businesses that are not in the best interest of the people (not shareholders) have no place in our back yards or on TV.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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