Real Cost of Parenting

There are days where I just want to lie in bed and just sleep. Forget the laundry, cooking, cleaning, breast-feeding, and everything else that is on my list, and just sleep.

The real, down to earth truth is that parenting takes everything out of you. It makes you mentally slower, you forget things and people. I used to laugh at my mom and grandma who used to call everyone by the wrong name. On many occasions, they would go through a laundry list of names before they came across the right one. Now, I’m no different from them.

It is not that parenting made me stupid, it is just that with so many things going through my mind at once, it is hard to remember minor details. In my bedroom, I remind myself when I last changed the sheets, washed my hair, and when I returned the last Net Flix DVD.

It seems like us parents have to compensate for the idea that parenting is hard work. So we’ll say that it’s hard and we’re loving every moment of it. Sometimes we’ll say that its worth it. But if I was to be truly honest with you and myself, it is more trouble than I ever imagined.

I love my daughter, and I am looking forward to more kids; I’m just not going to lie go myself. It’s going to be hell for the next couple of years. Heck, the next 20 years.

I used to think that women were cursed because we had periods, and then we go through menopause, but if I was to really look at the situation, it is a blessing. I cannot imagine my mom or grandma getting pregnant again. We have kids when we’re young so that we don’t have to have them when we’re older.

As for people who have kids when they are older, my hat off to you. Glad you found some energy to raise them.


About KalleyC

I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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