Un-friending “Friends”

Before I was 100% focused on my family, I really didn’t think (or have time to think) about social networking. I, like may other people, freely posted up pictures of my husband, vacations, and other things.

It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I started looking at the internet with new eyes. Instead of a safe haven to hang out with old friends, I saw it as a place that I did not want to expose my family to anymore.

I didn’t always feel this way. I did post pictures up of my daughter when she was born, ready to share with the world that I have entered the elusive “motherhood club.” Now that she’s with me, and I have a strong urge to protect her, I refused to post any recent pictures of her.

It wasn’t until a year after I made that decision that I finally took a look at my friend’s list on Facebook. Most people who are on there are people who I either worked with or went to school with.

At first it was nice to reconnect with them, but after a while, they stopped talking and I kept receiving annoying invites to join Mafia Wars or Farmville. Soon I started to just block the applications, and slowly noticed that my friends were not posting anything of substance.

So now I’m at a crossroad and I have started to remove people who either do not talk to me, or people I no longer have anything in common with. While this mean half of my Facebook list will be gone, it will allow me to keep those who are close to me, closer.

While I am sorry to un-friend some people, I feel it has come to the point where it is necessary. I would like to keep my friends close, family closer and leave the application conversations off of my page.


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