5 Reasons Why I Hate Nursing

Like every relationship, there are positive sides as well as negative. Here are some negative issues that I’ve encountered while breastfeeding my daughter.

Why I Hate Breastfeeding

#5. Acrobatic Nursing Sessions. When a child becomes a toddler, they learn that they can retrieve milk from their mom in any position. So my daughter likes to do a full 360 on me (like a clock) while she is nursing. There are times when she nursed upside down. Other times she likes to climb on my side in the middle of the night and nurse from the opposite breast. This causes me to twist and lean in off positions so that she doesn’t fall off the bed and take my breasts with her.

#4. Teething. There must be an instruction manual somewhere that says “mom is a teething ring.” It could be easier if I was as quick as her but she nurses and makes you feel secure that she’s not going to bite this time. I mean everything has been going fine for days since the last biting problem. You turn you head for one moment and bam! She has your nipples between her teeth and she’s pulling away. There are days where I felt like she took my nipples with her. Lucky for me (and her) they are still attached.

#3. Always on Duty. Imagine walking in a museum and everyone is having a good time. It’s a nice day, there are plenty of people around and all of a sudden you feel this tiny hand go down your shirt. You remove the hand, but with it is your breast. In a split second, that hand is replaced by a mouth who managed to use every muscle in their body to keep them on you and attached. Then big brown eyes are looking up at you while drinking and pointing around. Place, time, or mood doesn’t matter. If she wants a drink, she gets it.

#2. Sore Breasts. This really affects mothers who are new to breastfeeding or mothers, like myself, who have been used for teething. They hurt. I would like to say they are as sore as when you found out you were pregnant or when going brought puberty, but they hurt. When a new baby latches on to you, it feels like they are trying to suck your very essence from you. We know that babies are born with the knowledge to suck, but does it have to be so darn strong? Give a new mom a break.

#1. Wean Her Comments. There is something about society that says breasts are not for food. So when people see or know of you nursing your baby, they usually will ask when are you going to wean her. I’ve gotten that when my daughter hit one year old. I was told by my mom and hubby that it’s time to wean. But you know that gut feeling that says it doesn’t feel right. So I started to ask them why, and they said she doesn’t need it anymore. As a mom who is able to nurse, my mind was going “what?!” I wasn’t ready to wean and neither was she. Needless to say, after much pushing back on the pressure, I didn’t cave in and no one talks about weaning her anymore.


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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