5 Reasons Why I Love Nursing

I can honestly say that I’ve been breast-feeding my daughter for over a year now. We’ve had some rough times, and some good times, and she’s taught me a thing or two.

5 Reasons Why I Love Nursing

#5 The Weight Loss. I wouldn’t believe it unless I’ve seen it myself, but I’ve lost serious weight while nursing my daughter. Everyone’s results are different, but just after two weeks of giving birth, my weight went right back to where it was before I got pregnant. My doctor didn’t seem surprised that I lost all that weight so soon, he was more surprised to find out that I was still nursing my daughter at my 6 week checkup.

#4. Eating Healthy. I didn’t exactly eat “healthy” when I was pregnant. I did have my veggies and meat and carbs, but sometimes you have that strong craving for cake or cookies. I’ve even had cravings for steak (my husband loved that craving). It wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter, that I honestly think about what I was eating. I wanted to give her the best start that I could, and I know that started with me. So out went the junk food, and in went the good food.

# 3. Instantly Calms Tantrums. There are days where my daughter just loves to run around and get herself into trouble. She has a knack for getting herself into the most dangerous situations (as seen in my eyes) and she would throw a tantrum because she didn’t get her way. When she gets like that, and it’s been one time too many in the day for a tantrum, I just take the magic boob out, and she instantly calms down and nurses. It works in the street and it works at home.

#2. Gets Her to Sleep Easily. I can’t say I don’t know what it’s like just rock a baby to sleep. I’ve done it and it’s not fun at all. It feels like it takes forever just to calm her down and then for her to get drowsy. Since I’m not a fan of the cry-it-out method, I’ve been nursing her to sleep from day one and it’s been working for us. Nursing calms both her and me down. Some days are better than others, but for the most part she goes down and stays down for her whole nap.

#1. Bonding Time. There are somethings that cannot be explained and the bond that’s created while nursing is one of them. Yes, you can bond with your child if you don’t nurse them, but I’m talking about the rush of hormones that goes through your body as your child is nursing. At that moment, you feel like there is nothing wrong your child can do, and the whole world is in order for that moment in time. Everything stands still. It is just you, and your baby staring into each other’s eyes and that’s all that matters.

Stay tuned for my next post “5 Reasons Why I Hate Nursing.” Every coin has two sides, and nursing has reared its ugly head with me too!


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I am a SAHM who recently found the love of blogging. I am also an avid reader who loves her nook.

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